Kitui Cottages & Guesthouse Restaurant

As the hotel it is situated in, the Kitui Cottages Restaurant is a modern, high standard place. The price is a bit higher than other restaurants in town, but it is clean with tasty food and excellent service. This is the most western-like restaurant in the Kitui area, and is recently built. Although the service is good, you may have to wait a while before the meal is ready.

There is no outdoor area, but the indoor area is very nice. As many of the restaurants in town, it also has a television turned on, so that you can watch the news as you are eating. This can be a bit disturbing for those who enjoy dining in peace. They are also building an Internet café that will be opened in 2011. The Kitui Cottages is about a 5 minute drive from town center.


Last updated: 27.01.2012 

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