Bavaria Outdoor Scenery

Bavaria is located about a 15 minute drive outside Kitui town center. The standard of the restaurant is high, placed in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. The restaurant is outside, but is all under roof. It also has some light houses in the garden with room for parties up till six, per light house. The restaurant is very spacious and can be used for parties, wedding ceremonies and other festivities.

Their kitchen has a wide selection of drinks and international dishes as well as the traditional Kenyan meals. The food is of high quality, but don’t come starving as it may take some time before the food arrives. Although it is a good restaurant and is somewhat cheap compared to western prices, it charges almost double the price of other restaurants in town and therefore considered rather expensive. Because it is perceived as more expensive it is mostly visited in the evening and weekends when people get off work, or for special occasions. Thus, during daytime it can be very quiet.

Last updated: 27.01.2012 

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