It’s quite common that the people of Kitui eat lunch out, and therefore there are several places to eat in the Kitui area. As most customers are locals, the dishes offered are normally traditional African. Chapati (almost like tortillas), ugali, githeri or rice served with goat meat, chicken and/or cooked vegetable stew. The best restaurants are mostly the ones connected to the better hotels in town, but there are also some good independent restaurants. The prices in Kitui center are normally quite low, to fit the budget of the locals – and does not vary significantly. However there are some exceptions. If you want international dishes, Bavaria is the only option in the Kitui area.


The Bavaria is a restaurant serving international dishes. It’s located a short drive away from town, approximately 15 minutes. The scenery and surroundings of this restaurant is truly peaceful, and a visit to Bavaria is a good escape from the busy city life. The prices are somewhat higher than most other places in the area, but the menu is more varied too – even pizza and Chinese food is offered.
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Cottages Restaurant

Kitui Cottages and Guesthouse Restaurant is located within the hotel. The facilities are of high standard, and so is the service. They have a large range of dishes, but be aware that they may not have all ingredients at all time – so it may be clever to have a backup choice. The prices are a bit above the ones of the restaurants in the town center, but the food served taste equally better.
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Flavours is a former restaurant located in the middle of town, just nearby the National Bank.
The restaurant is unfortunately now closed (2013).
As some may have heard of it, we choose to keep it mentioned here for a while longer.
Feel free to try one of the other restaurants in the area.

Moonlight Restaurant

Moonlight restaurant is situated in the middle of Kitui town center, not far from the Mall.
It serves tasty traditional food, but it is a bit spicier than other restaurants in the area.
The staff is helpful and efficient so the food is served quickly.
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Park Side Restaurant

Park Side Cafe is situated in the centre of town, nearby the food store Naivas. This place is always crowded around lunchtime, which is not strange. They serve good, simple food, for a fair price. The facilities are fine, though flies may be a bit of a problem if you’re sensitive to such issues.
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Park Side Villa Restaurant

Park Side Villa Restaurant is located on the compound of the hotel with the same name.
They serve traditional tasty food, for the regular price.
The staff is friendly and the facilities are fine.
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Talents Restaurant

Talents restuarant is the restaurant located within Talents Hotel.
They serve tasty traditional dishes for a fair price. The dishes are similar to the ones served at Flavours, due to the same owner. However because most locals eat lunch in town centre, this restaurant is less crowded – which also means less prepared to serve guests quickly.
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Traveller’s Café

Traveller’s Café is a nice place located in the centre of town. They serve traditional food for a fair price. They distinct themselves from other restaurants by offering their customers to compose personalized dishes. By giving the customer this option, the customer is ensured to get all his or hers favorite ingredients.
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Last updated: 08.10.2013

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