Watu Wangu Lodge

Watu Wangu Lodge is somewhat far from Kitui centre (in the Tulia area), and not reachable by foot. However, if you can manage to find your way to this resort – you’re in for a treat! Watu Wangu is not only a small, beautiful authentic African village; the surplus of the resort is employed in an orphanage nearby. The village consists of real African huts with roofs made out of grass and straws.

The prices are in the upper range, and depend on the size and facilities in the room. There are only a few huts in the village, but if you are many people – the director may also lend you her own hut. Three meals are included in the accommodation – all traditional Kenyan food, and these are enjoyed in a nicely decorated dining lodge. They also have their own store with handmade African artifacts. For a real African vibe, visit the Watu Wangu Lodge!

Last updated: 27.01.2012

Africa as you have never seen her.