In spite of the fact that several guidebooks say there are no decent hotels around, there most certainly are! In the first part of 2011 a new hotel named Cottages and Guesthouse opened. Together with Talents, this of higher standard. In addition to these there are many other hotels in the area, though the standard of these must be said to be a bit lower. The prizes of the different hotels listed (to an extent) on the individual sites, but they may vary according to the season, the size of your group and the duration of your stay.
Recommended hotels in the Kitui area:

Flamingo Guesthouse

The Flamingo Guesthouse is a great alternative for you searching for traditional African housing in a nice peaceful location a bit outside of town. This guesthouse is situated in the Katulani District, about a 30 minute drive away from Kitui center.
Flamingo Guesthouse is affordable and welcoming, and offers you an opportunity to interact with locals if you desire.
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Kiembeni Country Hotel

Kiembeni Country Hotel is centrally located in the town center.
It got a small outdoor area, and the standard of the rooms are acceptable.
However the hotel is expanding (July 2011), which will make it more attractive to toursits and businessmen.
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Kitui Cottages & Guesthouse

The Kitui Cottages & Guesthouse is a brand new hotel just outside of Kitui center.
This hotel opened early in 2011, and offers you beautiful facilities and pretty rooms.
Access to brand new gym is also included in the accommodation.
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Kitui Catholic Pastoral Center

Kitui Pastoral Center is located just outside of Kitui town.
It’s a peaceful compound with a large outdoor area and friendly staff.
Due to it’s catholic point of view, you should be sensitive and respectful.
With that said, this accommodation is a calming retreat for your body and mind.
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Kitui Resort Club

Kitui Resort Club is currently under construction, adding another building, but it is still possible to stay at the hotel and dine in their outdoor restaurant.
The hotel is if lower standard but has large rooms and a big outdoor area to host arrangements.
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M & M

M & M Hotel is located in Kitui town Centre.
It has a relaxing atmosphere and the rooms are of an acceptable standard.
They have a small outdoor area and the hotel is appealing with its kind of old-fashion charm.
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Park Side Villa Hotel

Park Side Villa Hotel is situated near Kitui town Centre and offers rooms of an acceptable standard.
They have a large outdoor area which includes their own vegetable garden used in their restaurant.
The Kitui Culture Center is also located right outside the Hotel where they sell handmade Kamba artifacts.
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Signals Hotel

Signals Hotel is the one and only hotel in town with a swimming pool.
This draws a lot of visitors, mostly just daytime, but they also offer rooms if you want to stay for the night. The pool area is well fitted for parties and get-togethers as they also offer food and entertainment.
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Talents is one of the newer hotels in the town center.
The standard is better than many of the others, but the prices are at the same level as the other ones.
In other words; it’s a bargain!
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Watu Wangu Lodge

Watu Wangu is a housing, designed as a beautiful african village, located a short drive from kitui town.
The surplus of the resort is employed in an orphanage nearby, so if you want your stay in Kitui to be extra meaningful, this is the hotel to accommodate.
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Last updated: 27.01.2012

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