Kamba glossary

In the Kitui area today, most of the young generation speaks three languages; Swahili, English and Kamba. Therefore, you will come a long way by just speaking English. But, if you know some Kamba phases, the locals will most likely be very charmed.

How are you? – Wimuseo?
Fine – Nimuseo
Thank you – Nimuvea
Good morning – Wachewa ata
Good night – Koma nesa
What’s the price? – Wita ata?
Yes – Sawa
No – Ikai
I don’t speak Kikamba – Ndinenaa kikamba
Sorry – Pole

If you meet people that are older than you, they might just greet you with “Wacha”. If you then reply with “Aha” (sounds more like “Aaaa”), they will be very impressed and you’ll probably make their day.


Last updated: 27.01.2012 

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