For Foreigners

A visit to Kitui will be very interesting. In contrast to Nairobi and the other big cities, you feel very safe and comfortable. It’s an idyllic town, and staying here will give you an insight to the Kamba life and traditions. The Kamba people are well known for their woodcarvings and rich culture. Kitui is also a town where there has been and still is a lot of help projects. For those interested, this will give you valuable impressions about how help from more developed countries actually can work.

If you want to fill your stay with culture and/or something meaningful, book you trip to Kitui! Kitui is also perfectly located on the way from Mt. Kenya to Mombasa, so that you don’t have to take the detour through Nairobi, as many tour operator currently do.


Last updated: 28.08.2013

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