Mwilini river

Mwilini is a dried up river in the Katulani area, about a 20 minute drive outside Kitui town. The river starts in Kitui Town, where it’s called Kalundu river, but is renamed Mwilini river as it leaves the town. The sight is a smaller version of The Sea of Sand, and what you can see at the two places is mostly the same, but the drive to Mwilini is a lot shorter and more car-friendly than the road to The Sea of Sand. You can also walk up the seemingly dried up river and enjoy the scenery. Here it is greener than the otherwise dry surroundings in the Katulani area. You will also find waterholes where the local people come to give water to their cattle and planted sukuma wiki along the riverside.

Last updated: 27.01.2012

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