Watu Wangu Children Centre

Watu Wangu Foundation was founded in the year 2007 for the purpose of building a children’s home in Tulia town. Historically orphans were taken care of by relatives or others in the community, but over the past few decades there numbers have increased to such an extend, that many of these children now end up on the streets, where they often fall into crime, prostitution and addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Therefore, a children’s home in the poor area Tulia was very much needed. In March April 2011 the children’s center was officially opened, and currently (July 2011) they are housing 20 children, either orphans or abandoned by their parents. This is only a beginning – the center can house up to 60 children.

Visiting this place will make you see that there is a hope, even for these children. They get all the love, food, education and support they need – preparing them for the life on their own two feet.

You can also work as a volunteer in the children’s home, if you’re interested.

The Watu Wangu Foundation

Last updated: 27.01.2012

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