KICABA Orphans and Caregivers

For a more meaningful stay in Kitui, you should visit the KICABA orphans. This project was started to support the orphans which has lost their parents to HIV and AIDS, and their caregivers. KICABA bring the caregivers together in groups once a week, so that they can share ideas and experiences of how they can help their orphans.

KICABA also supports the families with small loans so they can pay for school fees and school materials for the children. Since the project per July 2011 have 9 groups that each has 20 members, it’s easy to see that this helps a lot of children.

Contact the Cultural Center and they will arrange a meeting for you. The children can entertain you, and if you want to see how the daily life is in their home that can be arranged as well.

Last updated: 27.01.2012

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