Dance Groups

The Kamba people are a tribe with a rich culture. One of the main activities this tribe is known for is dancing. There are therefor a lot of dance groups in the Kitui area and they are more than willing to both perform and teach their special dance styles. There are two main styles you come across; the “shoulder shaking”-tradition and the “booty shaking”-tradition. Within these traditions there are different versions and dances used for special occasions like worship and birth ceremonies or just for pure entertainment.

The groups that are organized within the KICABA network, charge the same for a danceshow – but the prices vary depending on the lenght of the show and the location:

If you travel to their location:

1 hour show: 3000 KES
Afternoon (3 hours): 5000 KES
Whole day: 9000 KES

If you want the group to come to town and perform at Park Side Villa, you are charged an extra fee for transport (1000 per group), and housing (2500 for the evening). If you want more groups to perform in one show; each group charge 3000 KES.

We recommend that you contact the Cultural Centre for further information and arrangements.


Groups outside of the KICABA network have their own policy, and should be contacted directly. You can find their contact details on their own pages:

Kwoko kwa Tiva

Have fun dancing!

Last updated: 27.01.2012 

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