Kitui Municipal Council

Kitui Municipal Council was created in 1990 as part of the Government effort to facilitate access to its services by the public by increasing the focal points of the implementation of development activities.The mandate of the Municipal Council of Kitui is as outlined in the Local Government Act Cap 265, section 151 to 199 of the laws of Kenya. The Municipal Council of Kitui’s area of jurisdiction covers 580 km². You can visit them in the Town Hall, located on Kibwezi-Kitui Road in Kitui town (se map).

The core functions of the Municipal Council of Kitui includes the following:

  • - Garbage Collection
    - Cleaning of the town, markets and trading centers
    - Solid waste and drainage system management
    - Approval of development plans
    - Survey and beckoning of land
    - Road maintenance
    - Maintenance of existing infrastructure
    - Building and maintaining markets
    - Street lighting
    - Housing
    - Providing slaughter house service
    - Environmental conservation, tree planting and beautification
    - Provision of recreational facilities
    - HIV/AIDS Programme
    - Health and human services (schools, dispensaries-health centers) etc.
    - Ensuring order in the Municipality through enforcement of By-Laws

For more information about Kitui Municipal Council, visit their website:

  Last updated: 27.01.2012

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